Gronk & Fletcher pushing each other

Prior to becoming teammates in New England in 2010, Rob Gronkowski and Dane Fletcher had never crossed paths.

Gronkowski was a big-time tight end out of the University of Arizona and Fletcher was hoping to beat the odds as an undrafted free agent out of Montana State. Both made the Patriots, and soon discovered they had a lot in common. They've become close friends, as well as rooomates.

“We compete with each other every day, and then just hang out," Fletcher said in a recent interview for a piece that was posted on ESPNBoston.com on Monday. “I guess we just started hanging out at the hotel a little bit during rookie minicamp. We just got along right away, didn’t have any problems, and when it came to looking for some place to live and whatnot, we both have the same mindset to put football first. That’s one thing you really have to look at, especially at this level, if you want a roommate. You don’t want to have a problem with it. It worked out well.”

Fletcher also joked about his friendship with running back Danny Woodhead.

"We talk at least once every week. Sometimes I don’t even want to talk to him [laughing], but we have to talk to each other," he said. "Mostly, I like to know what he’s doing, he likes to know what I’m doing. We’re calling each other, saying ‘Hey, I did this. What did you do?’ That’s kept us both focused, especially early in the offseason, in the winter and whatnot, when we were both back home."