Belichick's message to graduates

Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave the commencement address at Suffield Academy on Friday morning, and MassLive.com details his message to 127 students (one of them was his son, Brian).

An excerpt from Kathryn Roy's article:

Belichick made several references to his dedicated NFL players as he urged students to work hard and be a team player.

He reminded students that in the past decade, no championship team in professional football, baseball, basketball or hockey has also claimed the most valuable player of the league that year.

“There’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is an ‘I’ in win,” he said. “That stands for individual achievement. You need to do your job, because without it, there’s no leadership.”

Belichick told students that they should always do what’s right for the team, whether or not they want to do it.

“The greatest leaders I’ve coached just go out there and do their job with a good attitude,” he said.