Analysis: Brady & his offseason

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is back in town and prepared to direct workouts with teammates starting Wednesday (as reported by ESPNBoston.com), which figures to generate some buzz on the NFL radar.

How and where Brady spends his offseason has been dissected, analyzed and scrutinized in recent years.

In his early years, Brady spent the offseason in Foxborough competing for the coveted parking spot that came with being an offseason award winner. In recent years, family considerations have kept Brady on the West Coast.

In March of 2010, owner Robert Kraft said, "If you’re asking me if I’d prefer he be here the whole offseason, yes. To me, he’s the most unique, special leader and player in the NFL. ... They are voluntary. He has a family. Everything – look at your lives. You’ve all changed. So it’s priorities."

As Brady showed in 2010, it's possible to spend the majority of the offseason away from the team facility and still turn in an MVP performance.

The workouts Brady spearheads this week should help the team, but the impact figures to be less significant than a structured organized team activity supervised by coaches. The feeling here is that younger receivers like Brandon Tate and Taylor Price will benefit most, because it will be a test to see if their workouts to this point are at the level they need to be.

Brady has been working out aggressively in California, pushing himself to be at his best when players can ultimately report to team facilities in 2011. This week will be a good measuring stick for how the rest of the Patriots stack up, because Brady sets the pace for the offense.