Poll: Importance of lockout workouts

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is in town and organizing workouts with his pass-catchers starting today. This has become one of the bigger media-driven stories of the lockout -- players getting together for workouts in lieu of organized team activities supervised by the coaching staff.

How much value the workouts have is debatable.

The Bills, for example, had 37 players at a workout last week and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick said, "I think the quarterback-receiver relationship and the timing of that is something you can work on year-round ... me being able to throw to them, we can work on them and get better at that without a defense."

Others see the benefit as more from a camaraderie perspective. Getting players together can create more of a unified bond at a time when players are scattered across the country.

Without coaches, however, there is only so much that can be gained.

What is your opinion of these workouts? Share your thoughts in the comments section of the blog, and/or vote in the accompanying poll.