Matt Light ranks as 10th left tackle


ESPN.com's "power ranking" series continues today with a look at the left tackle spot. Matt Light, who has manned the position for the Patriots since 2001, ranks 10th.

Light appeared on four of the eight ballots. He had a high vote of fourth (AFC North reporter James Walker), although AFC East reporter Tim Graham was one of the voters who didn't include him on his ballot.

Graham explains, "Matt Light is a quality player, but Stats Inc. blamed him for 10 sacks allowed and four penalties last season, more in each category than his previous two seasons combined. I've always thought Light got more recognition simply from being Tom Brady's left tackle. Once you name the three or four elite tackles and you rack your brain for the next group, it's easy to understand people sorting through the great quarterbacks and asking "Who is so-and-so's left tackle?" Light made the Pro Bowl last year, but as an alternate. Light's reputation also is enhanced by his involvement in the union and being a truly rare species: the gregarious Patriot.’’

Light is scheduled for unrestricted free agency when the lockout ultimately ends. With the Patriots selecting Nate Solder in the first round of the draft, Light's return to the club is uncertain.