Belichick surprise guest at Bruschi camp

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- An unexpected moment unfolded Tuesday at Tedy Bruschi's SBLI football camp for 54 kids at Gillette Stadium. As Bruschi addressed the campers in front of him, all dressed in No. 54 Bruschi jerseys, he told them he had a special guest to speak to them.

At that point, Patriots coach Bill Belichick -- dressed in shorts, a gray sweatshirt with cut sleeves and sandals -- was introduced to applause.

Bruschi joked that one of the main techniques he learned from Belichick was how to whip the coaching whistle around his finger. As Bruschi whipped the whistle, Belichick put his hands up to protect himself in a joking manner.

Then Bruschi said, "Coach, you're on!" -- and Belichick took center stage.

Belichick asked how all the campers (ages 7-13) were doing, and then said: "This fundamental camp that Tedy is doing is the most important thing. It's like when you have to learn the alphabet before you can put the letters together and spell words. That's what fundamentals are -- tackling, passing, kicking, catching. All the things that every player does, you got to start at the beginning, you got to start at the bottom and learn to do those fundamentals. Have a lot of fun out there today, it's great to have you guys with us."

Belichick then smiled when referencing how every camper was dressed.

"I love these jerseys," he said. "I've never seen so many 54 jerseys all at once. It's awesome. I'm going to see these in my sleep now; it's like counting sheep, but I'll be counting 54s."

Belichick then saluted Bruschi, telling the campers to have fun.

"You're with the best," he said. "Tedy has a good staff [Jerod Mayo, Kevin Faulk, Stephen Gostkowski, Brian Hoyer, Christian Fauria, Ray Ventrone], so listen to them, they'll teach you the fundamentals and you guys will have fun out there today. It's great to have you in the stadium and in the [visitors'] locker room."

Belichick and Bruschi then shared an embrace, as Belichick left to applause.