Julian Edelman pulling for Bruins

Those following Julian Edelman on Twitter -- @Edelman11 -- have learned that the third-year Patriots receiver is a big Bruins fan. Today, for example, he asks the question "Cup night?"

He's also turned superstitious when it comes to the Bruins, often debating whether to wear his 2011 Eastern Conference championship hat during the Cup finals.

Edelman, who grew up in Redwood City, California, said he was never into hockey until moving to the Northeast in 2009. He adopted the Bruins as his team and has shared his excitement over the team's Stanley Cup run with his 7,000-plus followers.

Some Edelman slapshots on Twitter:

1. "Goal me"

2. "Clean it up B's"

3. "Goalllllll!!! That place is going crazy I bet!"

4. "How about 'dem bruins!!"

5. "Need updates at dinner!!! Geez"

6. "Tim Thomas is a manchild. Love the way he plays."

7. "Lucic is a beast"

EXTRA POINT: Edelman later tweeted that he found a pub full of Boston fans in Los Angeles, passing along a picture after the Bruins scored the night's first goal.