Gostkowski on ESPN Boston Radio

New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski was a guest on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Thursday afternoon to discuss his comeback from a torn right quad and the NFL lockout.

Back on track after injury. "I'm feeling very good, I'm kicking very well," Gostkowski said. "I'm kicking just as well as I usually am this time of year, if not better. It just takes me a little longer to warm up."

Different offseason for injured kicker. "I had surgery seven months ago, so I had to do physical therapy for that to strengthen my leg," Gostkowski explained. "When I first started, I would just take one step and try to kick the ball 20 yards, and at first it was scary to just do that, because I could do that in my sleep at this time last year. [It was] just getting away to that fear of not hurting it anymore, and I've been way past that for a good while."

Listen to the interview HERE.

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