Writer catches up with Marcus Cannon

Some readers have asked how fifth-round draft choice Marcus Cannon (Texas Christian) is doing in his treatments for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Reporter Charean Williams provides the answer in a piece in Sunday's editions of the Fort-Worth Star-Telegram.

"Cannon's chemo treatments will be finished this week; his smile is back; he is working out and hopes to be at the New England Patriots' training camp for the first day of practice in August, assuming the NFL lockout ends," Williams writes.

Cannon tells Williams that "half the mass I had is gone."

The end of Williams' piece reflects an optimistic outlook for Cannon:

Cannon has had nausea only once. The day after his first treatment, he didn't feel well and cut short his fishing trip. He hasn't lost his hair, and he has maintained his weight despite losing his appetite. (He said he dropped to 338 after his first chemo treatment before figuring out he had to eat despite not being hungry. He now weighs 348.)

Cannon lifts three days a week at a local gym and runs at TCU with former teammates. He regularly tests his strength by benching 315 pounds.

"If I can do it eight or nine times, I'm good," Cannon said.

The same day he had his third chemo treatment, Cannon swam and played basketball. He said he couldn't be better.

"All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing," Cannon said. "That's to keep praying and accept my healing."