Forbes: Pats 6th most valuable franchise

The Patriots rank as the sixth most valuable franchise in the world, Forbes Magazine declares in a piece that lists the top 50 franchises.

As part of a slideshow accompanying the piece, Forbes shows a picture of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, and then writes, "Sponsorship revenues were up in 2010 and demand for tickets remains strong despite the highest prices in the league."

Forbes puts the value of the Patriots at $1.37 billion.

The Cowboys (2) and Redskins (4) are the two NFL teams ranked ahead of the Patriots.

EXTRA POINT: When the cost of tickets is discussed, one factor in the mix is personal seat licenses. Teams that have PSLs often have lower ticket prices because they have received up-front money in the form of PSLs. Teams that don't have PSL's, such as the Patriots, often have higher face-value ticket prices.