NFL Live looks at Patriots' roster

In a special segment for ESPNBoston.com filmed on the NFL Live set, analysts Tim Hasselbeck and Mike Golic share their opinion on areas the Patriots’ roster could use improvement.

Hasselbeck pointed out that the “Patriots Way” hasn’t always been to spend big money in free agency, but if the team was leaning in that direction, Hasselbeck focused on an outside linebacker/rush end.

“They tried to do it with Derrick Burgess and it didn’t work out. Really, Tully Banta-Cain is their best pass rusher,” Hasselbeck said. “They need to find a way to get an edge rusher. The other area of need, I think, is wide receiver. They need a bigger, more physical receiver and somebody that can get down the field.”

Golic brought to light the possibility of Randy Moss returning to the Patriots.

“That’s just stunning to me. I would be shocked if that were to happen,” he said. “I would not take him at all. I would not touch him.”

Golic mentioned Ray Edwards (Vikings) and Charles Johnson (Panthers) as top pass-rush options on the market, but figures the Patriots won’t be in the market for a big-name free-agent.