Chung: 'It's time to go to work'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Here are some soundbites from safety Patrick Chung's media availability as he returned on Tuesday morning to Gillette Stadium:

Returning to work. "I almost put my helmet on when I walked out of my house the other day. We're just ready to go. ...Guys are ready. Most guys are here getting their things done. It's time to go to work. ...Happy to be back and working now. I miss the fans, I miss [the media]. Just glad to be back."

Effects of lockout on offseason. "It's hard not to be able to communicate with the guys you're going to be playing with, the guys who taking care of your body, the guys who are teaching you the playbook. It's hard to not have that communication. Now that it's back, it's like we never missed a beat. ...I wasn't away from the game. I was definitely working. There were a bunch of guys working out. Have I been away from my teammates? Definitely. I've never been in a lockout before but it's over now so we're ready to go."

Tuesday's activities. "Today, we just did our physicals and stuff. We're just getting ready to go for tomorrow. Whatever [head coach] Bill [Belichick] has scheduled for us tomorrow, we'll be ready for it."

End of two-a-days. "I like hitting. But it definitely saves your body, you [stay] a little more healthy. It helps you in the long run. You can go harder during practice. ...We work hard. Regardless of whether it's one practice, two practices, three practices, a thousand practices, it doesn't matter. We're going to work hard and Bill and the leaders on the team are going to make sure that happens."