Difference between quietness & inactivity

There is a difference between the media-based quietness surrounding the Patriots' team-building plans and the idea that the Patriots have been inactive over the last 24-36 hours since the lockout ended.

On Twitter, for example, @illmatic940 wrote: "Are you surprised at how quiet the Pats have been in free agency so far?" Others, such as @TO22, asked the question, "Are the Pats interested in any free agents?"

My sense is that the Jets' re-signing of receiver Santonio Holmes, and the Jets' reported interest in Nnamdi Asomugha, has led some followers of the team to wonder "What about the Patriots?"

Make no mistake, the Patriots have a plan. Bill Belichick always does.

At the same time, the Patriots go to great lengths to ensure their plans aren't leaked publicly until finalized because they believe it puts them at a competitive disadvantage. Because of this, they request that no information is shared publicly, and many agents oblige figuring they will be doing business with the team again in the future.

One recent year, for example, the Patriots had scheduled a free-agent workout during the season. When word of the workout was reported, the team canceled the workout, which highlights how strongly they feel about their keep-it-quiet approach.

The story is passed along as a reminder of the difference between quietness and inactivity.

The Patriots are talking behind the scenes, while also having put themselves in a solid position in terms of re-signings, taking care of much of that business over the last year-plus.

Soon enough, their strategy and plans will come to life.