Branch excited for start of camp

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Despite his familiarity with the system after being re-acquired by the Patriots last season, wide receiver Deion Branch expressed excitement about having a full camp to start the 2011 season:

On the start of training camp: "I feel good. I feel real good. I feel good, I'm excited, glad to be back, glad to have a full training camp with the team, instead of coming in in October. I'm excited for the opportunity and what we have going this year... [Being here from the start will] help a lot. There's a couple things I'm looking at now in the playbook, like, 'Man.' Stuff that we didn't go over because I came in during the season. I get an opportunity to do that now."

On Albert Haynesworth potentially joining the team: "We hear the rumors. It's not solid until it's done. I was supposed to get traded three years ago, it didn't happen."

On the Patriots culture: "It all starts with Coach Belichick, Mr. Kraft. They laid the foundation. It's a first class organization. Guys that come here have to be willing to learn, be respectable, be accountable, respect your teammates. Just top notch, everything. And I think everyone that we have in the building understands their roles. They go out and they're Patriots on the field and off the field."

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Deion Branch is excited for a full camp and even a potentially beefed up Jets secondary.

Thoughts on a potential Jets secondary featuring Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha: "Yeah, that will be good if that happens for them. I don't know. Like I said, until it happens, it's just a bunch of rumors... I love it. I love the competition. I enjoy the game, I love the competition. I love to compete each and every day. Once I lose that, then I'll stop playing."

On if he's tired of hearing about Pats lacking a deep threat: "No. I can't remember what the stats were. I think we did OK last year. Now we've just got to continue to improve. But [whoever] Coach Belichick brings in or if we're going to roll with the guys we have, we're going to make the best of it."