Quick-hit thoughts entering Day 3

A few quick-hit thoughts entering the third day of training camp:

More on Ty Warren release. The Patriots had already taken the practice field yesterday afternoon when news came down that Warren had been released along with five others. Warren pointed to a scheme change as a reason he wasn't surprised (ESPNBoston story) at the move. He may be proven correct, although the writing may have first been on the locker-room wall last August when Warren went on season-ending injured reserve with a hip injury and this was Belichick's response: "It's a tough break for Ty, but we have to move on. He's missed quite a bit of time the last couple of years. We've had to deal with that anyway." I remember thinking that Belichick's reference to "missing quite a bit of a time" and having to "deal" with it was somewhat out of character for him -- he usually talks up his players publicly by pointing out what they do, not what they don't, especially with a player who had contributed like Warren had since 2003. At that point, I think it was a sign that Warren's return to left defensive end in 2011 wasn't a guarantee in Belichick's eyes.

Ochocinco and the practice field. There was confusion yesterday as to when Chad Ochocinco would first be allowed to practice. Bill Belichick said at his morning press conference that any player with a new contract wouldn't be allowed to practice until Aug. 4, and to consummate his trade to the Patriots, it had been reported that Ochocinco agreed to a restructured contract. That restructured contract seemingly would have put Ochocinco in that Aug. 4 category, but after watching the morning practice, he participated in the afternoon. There are a few different scenarios for how this happened and it is something I'm hoping to clear up.

Tom Brady's verbal message. I wasn't surprised that Brady was reluctant to say too much to reporters about the addition of Ochocinco, instead pointing out multiple times that this is the time when every player needs to establish a role on the team, himself and Ochocinco included. Brady is a smart leader. While he's clearly excited about his new target -- Ochocinco hardly left his side during practice -- he also realizes that teammates can sometimes receive the loudest messages through soundbites in the media. Brady's message came through loud and clear if Ochocinco was listening; the culture they try to create in New England is more about team than individual.

Jets and Nnamdi Asomugha. While the Patriots get back to work, I was keeping a long-distance eye on the Jets' pursuit of free-agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, which came to an end later Friday when Asomugha agreed to a deal with the Eagles. A Darrelle Revis/Asomugha combination would have been tough to beat, adding another dynamic to the Patriots-Jets rivalry, and now I'm interested to see what the Jets do next. This has been a wild few days. On Wednesday, all the talk was the Jets and Santonio Holmes/Asomugha, and how the Patriots weren't doing anything. One day later, the picture looked completely different. Things are so fluid at this time, with a lot of moving parts.