Notes from officials' presentation

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Three NFL officials are in town this week to give a presentation to the team and media on rules changes for the 2011 NFL season. Here are some notable points given by back judge Perry Paganelli:

  • The NFL has clarified rules regarding roughing the passer, specifically dealing with blows to the head. Only "forcible" blows to the helmet of the quarterback will be treated as a penalty; any incidental glance or non-forcible contact is considered legal.

  • Any scoring play will be automatically reviewed by the replay official in the booth. For example, all plays ruled as touchdowns on the field will have every aspect of the play reviewed before the point after attempt. If the play is not ruled to be a touchdown on the field, only a coach's challenge will initiate a review of the play.

  • The NFL continues to emphasize that any contact by a defender leading with the helmet, to any part of the opposing player's body, will be considered to be a penalty.