National perspective on Patriots

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, who covers the NFL, spent Wednesday at Gillette Stadium as part of his training camp tour. He files this piece, which includes comments from defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, receiver Chad Ochocinco, owner Robert Kraft and head coach Bill Belichick.

A full read is recommended. Here are a few soundbites:

From Ochocinco: "It’s everything; not just what you see on the field, it’s how we work in meetings. Every little thing has to be right or you’re getting ripped. Everybody gets ripped, even Tom [Brady], me, everybody. In Cincinnati, nobody ever said anything to Carson [Palmer]. Not here, because that’s the expectation. I love it. They expect perfection. You don’t hear the coaches saying, ‘Good play.’ That’s what you’re supposed to do."

From Haynesworth: "The expectations here, the way things are run, this is how it’s supposed to be. The way things were going [in Washington], I almost lost faith in myself, in my ability to play. The environment was so negative. It was just such a down place."

From Belichick: "Now, I know it’s only been a few days [with Albert Haynesworth], but I would definitely say, so far, so good. I would say there were other players I have coached that within 24 hours … it started. You knew it wasn’t going to work."

From Kraft: "When I sat and talked with [Albert Haynesworth], I never would have believed it was the guy I had read about. He’s bright, he’s engaging."