Progress for Brady on practice field

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien answered questions from reporters this afternoon, and one of the more notable nuggets was his view that quarterback Tom Brady has elevated his work on the practice field over the last two days.

"To be a good quarterback for us, just like he's been obviously, it's about decision-making and it's about accuracy. In this past offseason he's had, where there were no defenses out there, obviously there is a little bit of an adjustment period to when you come back to a training camp and now you have defense, different coverages, different fronts and different blitzes that you're seeing from the defense," O'Brien said.

"Just like everybody else out there, he's working to be more consistent. I thought the past two days have been really, really good practices for him."

A few other quick-hits from O'Brien:

WR Chad Ochocinco fitting in. "He's been very professional, works really hard, in the meeting room and on the field. He's a competitive guy, takes a lot of pride in it. I'd say that about the whole group of receivers. I think there are 11 of them working right now -- smart guys, competitive guys. Ocho is fitting in. I think he's progressed on a daily basis. Just like everybody else, there are ups and downs in this time of training camp. He's just trying to be as consistent as he can be, like everyone else out there."

WR Taylor Price in Year 2. "It would be a similar answer to Ocho and the whole group. At this point of training camp, I think this is practice 12, there have been ups and downs. He's really trying to smooth it out. He's been there every day, he's working really hard, he's a competitive guy. It's really important to him. I believe that he will work to be consistent and we'll see how it goes."

Backup QBs Brian Hoyer & Ryan Mallett. "I believe it's a really good situation. I believe you have three good quarterbacks. Obviously you have Tom, who is a proven guy. Then with Brian and Ryan, you have two guys there that obviously can throw the ball. Again, working for consistency, working to learn the offense. They are at different points in their career now; Brian is going into his third year, with Ryan being a rookie. So they are at a little bit different points there. Both of them have impressed as far as being able to throw the football. You got three guys there that can really throw the football. That's been good."

Getting title of offensive coordinator this year possibly changing his role. "No. We have a really strong staff as a whole, obviously led by Bill. We have a really strong offensive staff that works well together. We're all in it together. We each have different roles. I'm basically the guy that just kind of collects the paper and puts it all in the right stack and gets us all organized. It's a collaborative effort."