Quick hits from Ochocinco

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- While receiver Chad Ochocinco's plans to live with a fan figure to generate the most headlines, it wasn't the only ground he covered with reporters after Tuesday's practice.

Some quick hits:

On his transition. Ochocinco said "it's been fun" making the move from the Bengals to Patriots, saying he's surprised at how much material has been covered in such a short period of time. He believes his work in practice will be more important than what takes place in preseason games.

Assists to Brady, Branch & Welker. "They’ve probably made it the easiest, with so much verbiage and as far as signaling and other things, the offense, it’s hard for me to get. Wes and Deion have somewhat been able to catch me up to speed. I think with those two, including Tom, they’ve sped up the process to where I think even with the game being played very soon, I could probably go out there and play at full speed without having to think.”

Playing with Brady. "It’s been really cool, man. Tom is a special individual, as we all know. I’ve been a fan of his for so many years. To be able to play with him, you really can’t describe that.”

On his confidence. "Very confident. Again, the reason I’m able to have that confidence, the little bit that I do have right now, is because I’ve been able to consume a lot of information in such a short period of time. I’m able to go with the 1s. I’m feeling very comfortable. I’m nowhere near where I need to be [in terms of being] a part of this offesne in a good way, but I’m on the right track."

Toughest part of coming to New England. "Just learning the system itself. I come from a number system and everything else here is different."

On his high total of drops early in camp. "I’m human, right? All of us are human. It’s part of the game."

Feedback from the coaching staff. "The thing about there, which I really like, is they don’t tell you when you do good, [only] when you mess up. I like that. So you never really know where you are, you are just trying to find a way to perfect your craft. That’s cool."

Talking with Brady after practice. "Communication. It’s key. That’s it. Once we’re on the field, there is no talking. I just look in his eyes and that’s it. That’s how we communicate on the field. It’s pretty cool. That’s what I like about here."