A place where Pats & Colts unite

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As part of Robert Kraft's emotional gathering with reporters this afternoon, he reflected on labor negotiations and a few unlikely connections with members of the rival Colts.

Kraft revealed that he received a letter from Colts president Bill Polian thanking him for his role in negotiations.

He also praised Jeff Saturday, who was a leader in negotiations as part of the players' executive committee.

"The NFL and the NFL players and owners are lucky that there was a guy like Jeff Saturday in the league," Kraft said. "Players are passing through, but he took the role of a principal and he made every negotiating session. He represented the interests of the players. The reason we don't have double practices, he put so much time and effort. Without Jeff Saturday, there wouldn't have been a deal.

"His ability and perseverance; it's hard to like the center for Peyton Manning, but I really liked the guy," Kraft said, drawing laughter from reporters.