Belichick reacts to preseason opening win

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Some soundbites from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's press conference following Thursday night's preseason opening win over the Jaguars:

Opening statement. "It's good to get started after a couple of weeks of practice, of course, against ourselves and everything. It's good to get out there and get in the stadium and play and I thought there were some positive things tonight. We got off to a slow start, obviously, and there are plenty of things we need to work on. But I think we just keep working hard and going forward here.

We looked at a lot of people here tonight, a lot of young players, and that was kind of the idea tonight - to get them in there and let them play - and we let them play against some better people there in the beginning of the game, so we'll get a good evaluation of them. We'll look at the film tomorrow and really see how everybody did, but overall it looked like the players competed pretty hard.

We were able to make some plays and Buddy [Farnham] stepped in there -- we've got a receiver leading the team in interceptions. It will be a point of embarrassment for the defensive backs, but it's alright; they deserve it. [We've] got a long way to go. One step at a time here. I'm sure we'll face a lot of challenges next week down in Tampa, but it was good to get it underway."

On play of QBs Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. "I think both guys did a good job. They moved the ball and we scored some points, so it was good. There were plenty of mistakes, a lot of things we've got to work on, but there were some positives."

On play of RB Stevan Ridley. "I thought he had some good runs and made a couple of good catches. There were some other things in terms of the rounds, pass protection, a couple run-reads that didn't look -- we'll see how it looks on film, but thought he ran hard."

On some regular starters not playing. "We didn’t rest anybody. There were players that we wanted to see play, and we looked at them and we let them play. There are only so many guys you can play in a game like this. We felt like it would be good to let some guys play, let them get into the flow of the game and play enough plays where they really got a chance to have an opportunity to show what they can do and play as opposed to putting them in for a couple series and then taking them out so somebody else could get in there. So we basically played two groups on both sides of the ball and those guys got a lot of playing time."

On play of WR Taylor Price. "Taylor had some good plays, made a couple good catches. I thought that was a tough catch he made in the end zone for a touchdown. He had a couple run-after-catch plays down the sideline there on the hitch pattern when he broke a tackle there by the corner. But again, he's done some of those things in practice the last couple weeks, but it was good to see it happen in the game. I think he’s been very competitive in practice in training camp this year. The year has made a big difference for him."