New dad Woodhead back at work

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Running back Danny Woodhead approached the crowd of reporters, put down his helmet and shoulder pads, then smiled. He seemed to know what was coming.

"What's up?" he asked

"Anything exciting happening in your life?" he was asked.

Woodhead started by talking about training camp, but knew that the question was asked about his wife Stacia delivering the couple's first child on Saturday, daughter Gia. So he obliged.

"I'm happy about my wife and I being able to welcome a little baby. That's always a great thing," he said.

As for the last 24 hours, "it's definitely been longer" but "it's an awesome experience, so exciting."

Woodhead missed practice Saturday and said it was hard to leave his wife and daughter to return to work today. He joked that having a baby during training camp "probably wasn't the best time."

"It's back to work now," he said.