Poll: Who's next in line for extension?

Patriots receiver Wes Welker enters the final year of his contract, and after the Patriots took care of financial business with Logan Mankins, his case for an extension is presented in a piece now posted on ESPNBoston.com.

"I'm just concentrating on the here and now, and whatever I can do to help the team win this year," Welker said when asked about his future with the Patriots. "I'm not really worried about that at all. I'm just worried about going out there and playing ball. I love playing on this team and I enjoy every day I'm out here. I'm going to let my play take care of everything else."

A team can't pay top-of-the-line contracts to every player, a point made last week by owner Robert Kraft, so tough decisions have to be made. If you were making decisions for the Patriots, who would you approach first for an extension?

Welker, linebacker Jerod Mayo (expires after 2012) and offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer (expires after 2012) are a few of the top candidates.

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