ESPN Boston Hall of Fame: Class of 2011


ESPN Boston Hall of Fame inaugural class via kwout

After nearly 50,000 votes, today we unveil the inaugural class of the ESPN Boston Hall of Fame. The class was chosen by your votes after we narrowed down the list to 20 finalists. So, how did you do?

Here are the percentages for our Class of 2011:

1. Larry Bird (73.8%)

2. Ted Williams (69.0%)

3. Bill Russell (64.0%)

4. Bobby Orr (50.2%)

5. Red Auerbach (46.4%)

And here are the next five, the early favorites for the 2012 Hall class:

Rocky Marciano (24.1%)

Carl Yastrzemski (19.4%)

Ray Bourque (18.0%)

Pedro Martinez (16.2%)

Bob Cousy (12.5%)