Value of old Patriots game footage

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Those who follow receiver Chad Ochocinco on Twitter know that he's been catching up on some old film. Patriots film, that is.

"Can't sleep watching Patriot film from last year jamming Willie Nelson song Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain on repeat. Anyway I love y'all," Ochocinco tweeted around midnight Monday.

"Watching all of Randy Moss catches from the 2007 season with the Patriots and Holy [cow] on a June bug he's unbelievable," Ochocinco tweeted on Aug. 13.

The topic of using old game film came up in Bill Belichick's news conference Tuesday.

"Any time we install a play, or put in a kickoff return or a running play, a blitz or something, we usually show examples of that so that the new players understand how it works, maybe the general concept," Belichick said.

"I think the best way to learn is to understand kind of what all 11 people are doing. If you just try to memorize your assignment on every play, then ultimately if you don't know what's going on around you, you end up making decisions that impact the players around you. If you really have an understanding of what the whole concept was, it's probably less likely that would happen."

So that explains why Ochocinco would be studying Moss, and certain plays from the 2007, so closely.

"We try to teach the concept of the play, we show multiple examples because of different things that can happen on the play, and it refreshes the veteran players and also serves as a visual illustration to new players -- as opposed to Xs and Os on a diagram, 'here's actually the play...' Those are what we call training tapes that are shown in conjunction with the installation of our plays. That's part of the teaching tools."

Belichick said the film can go as far back as 2000, his first year with the team.