Patriots & their travel plans

DETROIT -- One storyline to follow tonight will be how the Patriots' travel plans are affected by Hurricane Irene. The Patriots regularly return home immediately after the game, and they'll naturally be monitoring the course of Irene.

One aspect that helps their hopes of making a return home tonight is that they have some options.

While they would normally return to Providence, R.I., a contingency plan would be heading a bit further north to stay ahead of the effects of Irene, such as Boston or even Manchester, NH. They also have to be prepared for a possible extended stay in Detroit.

This is where someone like Director of Football Operations Matt Caraccioli springs into action, making sure the team has all its bases covered and can react accordingly as more information becomes available.

Either way, this figures to be one of the quickest post-game sessions in recent memory. The Patriots like to play fast on the field, and they figure to try to bolt from Detroit quickly after tonight's game.