Poll: How many wins for Patriots?

ESPN's Scouts Inc. breaks down the NFL and predicts the order of finish in each division (Insider content). In the AFC East, the Patriots are the pick at the top with a 12-4 record. A total of 12 was the pick in April as well.

As part of the breakdown, Scouts. Inc looks at four key facets of the game -- pass offense, pass defense, rush offense and rush defense. The pass offense section, for example, highlights the usage of multiple tight ends.

"Last year the Pats made a radical switch from a multi-WR, spread offense to a two-TE system with Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Using a variety of personnel packages, motion and short passes, the Patriots are a matchup nightmare for base defenses."

That is true, although as we saw Saturday night in Detroit, a team with a strong pass rush and the ability to generate pressure with just four can derail that attack.

Using the Scouts Inc., piece as a springboard, how many games do you think the Patriots will win this season? Vote in the accompanying poll and/or share thoughts in the comments section of this blog entry.