Gronkowski brothers a big story

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The presence of a second Gronkowski in the Patriots' locker room was a big story at Gillette Stadium on Wednesday.

Second-year tight end Rob Gronkowski drew a large crowd around his locker during the media-access period, with the questions all about the team signing his brother, tight end Dan Gronkowski, earlier in the day.

"You get excited, definitely. It's a family member," Gronkowski said. "You're grateful to have brothers in the league, and then when it comes down to it, and you have a brother on the same team, that's awesome. It's a lot more support, and a lot more intensity we can bring out in each other because we know each other like that. It's going to be a lot of fun."

The brothers aren't side by side in the locker room; Dan's locker is four spots away from Rob's. The two have never played on the same football team, and while they are excited about it, Rob said that isn't a big part of his mindset at this time.

"This is definitely business. We're focusing on our job and focused on Miami. He just came in yesterday, and he has to catch up and everything. We really have no time to interact as brothers right now," he relayed. "He just feels like another player right now."

Reporters asked Gronkowski if his brother would be living with him, which was information that he didn't want to reveal. Dan walked through the locker room, but didn't answer questions from reporters because he had to take care of other business.

Meanwhile, quarterback Tom Brady had some fun with the idea that a second Gronkowski was aboard. The family likes to have fun, as evidenced by their reaction last year when Rob was drafted in the second round by the Patriots.

"I think the two brothers were giving each other headlocks in the locker room [Tuesday]," Brady cracked. "They are excited. [Dan's] a nice guy, mature and has some familiarity with what we’ve done being with [former Patriots offensive coordinator] Josh [McDaniels] last year. The more good players we have, the better the football team we’ll be."