Bruschi's Breakdown on Pats-Fins

"Bruschi's Breakdown", a weekly feature on ESPNBoston.com that previews the Patriots' upcoming game, is now posted on the site (link here).

One point Bruschi highlights is the presence of Dolphins offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, a former Patriots assistant.

"This is why the Dolphins brought him in. It's about having success against this Patriots defense, and he's had some in the past," Bruschi writes. "Expect some of the same things you saw in Cleveland last season, as Daboll was the Browns' offensive coordinator the past two years. Multiple shifts. Multiple motions. Make the Patriots adjust. The Patriots have been the big boys of this division, beating up on the Dolphins. The Dolphins know they need to score points to keep up with the Patriots, and what the Browns did last season against New England had to catch their eye. Daboll also has them throwing it down the field more. So look out for jump balls to Brandon Marshall. Big receivers have had success against this Patriots secondary in the past."

Bruschi also makes a prediction on the game, which he envisions being a close one.