Ventrone gets practice squad boost

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Safety Ross Ventrone got a salary boost on the Patriots' practice squad.Earlier in the week, it was noted that the Patriots were paying all of their practice squad players the same amount, $96,900, which is the standard practice squad total.

But there has already been a change, with safety Ross Ventrone receiving a boost to $149,940. Hat tip goes to Brian McIntyre of Mac's Football blog for this information, which has been confirmed.

As McIntyre notes, the Patriots have annually been a team that pays some practice squad players more than the minimum. In some cases, the Patriots have paid practice squad players a full salary as if they were on the regular roster.

When it comes to credited NFL seasons, Ventrone is a first-year safety from Villanova who was on the team's practice squad in 2010. His brother, Ray, is a former Patriots practice squad player who is now on the Browns' 53-man roster.