Video: Bruschi stands by his take on Ocho

ESPNBoston.com NFL analyst and former Patriot Tedy Bruschi caused quite a buzz on Tuesday with his reaction to receiver Chad Ochicinco's tweet about being blown away by New England's offensive performance in the season-opening victory.

On Thursday, he went on SportsCenter to defend his comments (video above) and expound upon where he was coming from:

"The big deal with me is the mentality of the tweet," Bruschi explained. "This mentality reflected of being in wonderment, that statement of 'Wow i cant believe what I just saw' is a statement that should be made by a media member or an analyst, a fan, almost an admirer of the Patriots system. That kind of statement, that type of mentality, is not one that should be of an aspiring contributor, someone that wants to be a part of that record-breaking performance. Chad, the mentality is what bothered me. ... Eliminate the 'I'm happy to be here' type of attitude and have more an attitude of wanting to be a part of it and do your work so you can be more a part of it."

More than 3,000 comments were posted to our story on Bruschi's strong reaction to Ochocinco's tweet, many of which were critical of Bruschi. The former Patriots linebacker heard that reaction and asked himself -- and some of his former teammates -- whether he was too harsh on Ochocinco.

"I asked myself, 'Was I hard on the guy? Was I a little bit harsh?'" Bruschi said. "So what I did was I leaned on some of my former teammates. These are teammates that did some very impressive things that made a lot of people say 'Wow'. The one question I asked them was, "Were you ever in awe of what we accomplished as we were accomplishing it?' And to a man the answer was 'No.'

"They were never in awe and some of them were actually insulted by the question because it was always about no matter how many you win in a row, no matter how many yards you put up offensively or how well you played defensively, it's about finding the negatives of that performance, to fix those negatives so you can have a consistently winning performance throughout the season.

"The time for reflection, to say 'Wow i can't believe how good we were', is when you raise that Lombardi Trophy, and you say, 'Man i cant believe we just did that, I'm in awe' ... but it's at the end, not during the journey."

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