Bruschi's Breakdown on Pats-Bills

Every week leading up to a game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss preview the action in "Bruschi's Breakdown." This week's piece is now posted and Bruschi envisions a lot of points on the scoreboard when the Patriots visit the Bills on Sunday.

"You have to be ready for a shootout," Bruschi says. "[Ryan] Fitzpatrick is a good quarterback who is decisive. I love the way he sees it, makes the read, and delivers the ball. As a defense, you look at him and say 'He's going to throw us a couple every game.' So you have to take advantage of that. They may hit you in the hands, and it's whether you catch it or not that can turn the game."

On defense, Bruschi likes the Bills' 1-2 combination up front with Kyle Williams and rookie Marcell Dareus.

"You'll hear Williams' name come up this week. He's one of the better interior linemen out there. He causes problems and has a great motor, always hustling and making plays. On Dareus, I think everyone knew that he was the one guarantee going into the draft. His size, athletic ability and explosiveness off the ball stand out. There were plays you saw him in space against a player like Cam Newton and he was able to bring the player down."