Belichick and his pirate costume

NFL Network Screenshot

Patriots coach Bill Belichick at the team's Halloween costume party in 2009.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick said the team's 2009 Halloween party was a good team-building activity and reflected fondly on the event as media members quizzed him Friday on his pirate costume.

In part 2 of NFL Film's "Bill Belichick: A Football Life" that broadcasted Thursday night on the NFL Network, a sword-wielding Belichick is shown at the team's Halloween costume party at a local roller rink.

"I had some other options, but I was hoping they wouldn’t recognize me in that one," Belichick said with a smile on Friday. "It was a fun night. [Wide receiver] Randy [Moss] did a good job of organizing that. I think everybody had a good time. It was a good team-building exercise."

Moss is shown in the documentary wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants costume, while Vince Wilfork flanks him in a Fred Flinstone get-up.

Also during the documentary, Belichick is shown having trouble adjusting the time of the computer clock in his car.

"That was one of the big challenges that year; I’m terrible at that stuff," said Belichick. "If I didn’t have younger people in my life that understood that, I'd be at a total loss. Really, why can’t they just put a clock on the car? Why can't it be part of the dashboard. Just dumb it down for some of us.”

Then Belichick got started on GPS devices.

"It would be nice if it worked," said Belichick. "The frustrating thing is when they send you the address and say, ‘Type this into your GPS’ and then when you put it into your GPS and the thing comes up and says it’s not listed. OK, all that stuff is great when it works. It’s all great when it works. The more stuff there is, the more stuff there is that can go wrong. But when it works, it’s great.

"Great line from Curly in the Three Stooges: he gets in the car and says, ‘Hey what’s wrong with this car? I don’t know. It seems fine, the clock is working.’"