Source: Ninkovich gets $15K fine

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich has been fined $15,000 for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to a league source.

The hit came in the second quarter of last Sunday's game, and Ninkovich was penalized 15 yards for roughing the passer.

The penalty was one of two against the Patriots for roughing the passer in the game.

Defensive lineman Kyle Love was flagged in the fourth quarter. Love said Friday he hadn't received word of a fine.

[Update, Friday, 4:05 p.m.: The NFL confirmed Ninkovich's $15,000 fine for the helmet-to-helmet hit. Love was not fined, but Buffalo's Nick Barnett earned a $7,500 penalty for unnecessary roughness on Danny Woodhead.]