Welker expects Revis in slot

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Receiver Wes Welker stirred things up before last year's playoff loss to the Jets with his foot-filled news conference. He avoided any such chatter this time around.

Arriving at his locker this morning with a big crowd of reporters awaiting him, Welker opened his remarks touching on his excitement for Sunday.

"Rivalry game, the Jets are always fun to play, a divisional game. This is definitely key for us," he said.

Welker added that he isn't looking back to the playoff loss, calling it a new year. He touched on the challenge of potentially going up against cornerback Darrelle Revis, which he expects will be the case.

"We've cut out about 600 snaps between last year and this year where he's actually been in the slot. I don't think it's anything different from what they do," he said. "He's very patient, physical, a smart player. He's definitely going to present some problems for us."

Welker has made a change off the field this year, moving his residence from Boston to the suburbs closer to Gillette Stadium. He joked today that with the extra time in which he's not commuting, he's been able to maximize his time when it comes to rest and not wasting time.

That helps this week, as one of the themes among players is that they expect the Jets to disguise their defensive intentions, so being prepared and adjusting on the fly will be key.

"Rex is a great coach and [defensive coordinator Mike] Pettine is a great coach too. I know they come up with a lot of schemes, a lot of different things to do to us, so we have to be ready for everything," Welker said. "The Jets are definitely a matchup-type team."