Tying up loose ends with Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Tying up some loose ends from Patriots coach Bill Belichick's news conference Friday:

Today a key day for Hernandez. Belichick said it was good to see tight end Aaron Hernandez and defensive linemen Albert Haynesworth and Mike Wright back on the field Thursday. Asked if Hernandez would be a game-time decision, Belichick said today would be a key day. "The question really is the second day – was that too much [on Day 1]? Do they need to back off a little bit? Was that something that they could easily handle? Then we’re able to escalate the workload and the stress, whatever the injury is. If that second day goes good, that’s probably a good indication that the player is ready to move up. ... You don’t know how the player is going to respond to that type of workload, which is more than what he’s been doing in his rehab."

Following up on Kettani & Navy. Belichick was asked about releasing practice squad player Eric Kettani, the former Navy running back who was ordered back to the USS Klakring. He said by releasing him Friday instead of putting him on a military/reserve list, it opens the possibility that he could return and be part of the team should things get worked out with his Navy commitment. If the Patriots put him on the military/reserve list at this time, it would rule Kettani out from playing in 2011 should his situation change.

Ridley's running style. Belichick was asked to characterize the running style of rookie Stevan Ridley, who was impressive against the Raiders. "He’s got some quickness, he’s got good vision, he’s got some strength, can run through tackles. He’s got a combination of skills. [He] showed a burst there last week against Oakland when he got through the line of scrimmage. I think he can do a number of different things – break tackles, cut back, make guys miss, find the hole, he ran outside, ran inside, caught the ball. I don’t think it’s really a question of overall ability; it’s a question of consistency. A lot of things can go on in a play and just being able to do all those things right and make the right decisions, that type of thing. I think he has running skill."