Scandrick: Going to make Welker work

The Wes Welker-Darrelle Revis matchup made headlines both before and after Sunday's game, so we thought we'd explore who will be handling the NFL's leading receiver Sunday when the Cowboys come to town.

It looks like that duty will fall to cornerback Orlando Scandrick, who will come back after missing three games with a high ankle sprain to try to contain Welker.

“It’s a huge challenge,” Scandrick told ESPN Dallas on Monday. “They said today he’s on pace for 2,600 yards or something crazy, but going into this game, I’m going to make him work. We’re going to see what happens. It’s going to be a great challenge.”

Actually, Welker is on pace for 2,368 receiving yards this season. That, of course, would shatter Hall of Famer Jerry Rice’s NFL record by more than 500 yards.

“You should watch Wes Welker in practice,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who was the quarterbacks coach in Miami during Welker’s tenure with the Dolphins. “I think anybody, if you came from Mars and never saw football before, you’d say, ‘Wow, who’s that guy?’ Because he is 100 miles per hour every minute of every day. His success is not by accident.

“He’s a very talented player. Just because he’s small doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He is talented. He’s quick, he’s fast, he understands the game. He is a relentless competitor.”

Welker responded to Scandrick at a charity event Tuesday.

"We'll just see what happens when things go on on Sunday," Welker said. "I'm always excited about any sort of challenges ... He's only played in one game this season, against the Jets, and I actually haven't seen that film yet."