ESPN Boston radio: Chung checks in

Patriots safety Patrick Chung was a guest on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones this afternoon (audio file here).

"It feels amazing, just to reach the bye week," Chung said when asked if it felt good to reach the bye at 5-1.

Chung was on ESPN's campus today, appearing on various programs. In his interview with ESPN Boston Radio, Chung touched on the mindset of defenders as they focus on finishing games.

But over the bye, the idea is to get away from football.

"I'm just hanging out, relaxing, taking my mind off football. Of course, you're going to watch some games, see your opponents and what they're doing," he said. "It puts your mind at ease and you don't have to worry about watching film and studying this and studying that. It's time to yourself and your family."

On a lighter note, Chung pointed to rookie running back Stevan Ridley and second-year linebacker Brandon Spikes as teammates who talk the most about their alma mater.

ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones can be heard Monday-Friday, from noon-2 p.m.