Haynesworth's TV viewing: No soap operas

Mike Rodak/ESPN Boston

Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth talks to reporters at his locker Tuesday.FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Offdays are hard to come by during the football season, but even as teammates like Tom Brady bolted for the Bahamas, Patriots defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth couldn't help but watch football on Sunday.

"What else should I watch on TV? I'm not a soap opera guy, I don't watch broadway or anything like that," said Haynesworth. "Sunday, that’s what you’re going to watch: Football. Monday night, you're going to watch football.

With the Patriots set to trek to Pittsburgh Sunday, Haynesworth found himself doing a little advanced scouting on New England's next opponent.

"I caught myself watching the Steelers play," he said. "I watched a lot of football, so I guess I didn't get away from football. I'm drawn to it. I like to watch it.

"When I was on other teams, I loved watching [the Patriots] play football. They are well-coached and just went out there and handled business. I don't think I'm a fan of anybody else, but I like seeing how the Titans were doing, or the Lions and people that I respect. I had a good time with [Lions coach and former Titans defensive coordinator Jim] Schwartz and [Titans coach Mike] Munchak."

Haynesworth said he tends to focus on the defensive line play while watching, though he also scouts the opposing offensive lines and quarterbacks to learn their tendencies. His reference to the Lions and defensive linemen begged the question about his thoughts on Ndamukong Suh.

"I’m not going to to get into that, because I’m not getting yelled at by Coach," joked Haynesworth.

As for his own performance, Haynesworth suggested he's still knocking rust off.

"I feel fine," said Haynesworth, who has battled a back injury early in the season. "But I gotta keep working -- knocking the rust off and getting back to where I was back in Tennessee."