Looking closer at teams after bye

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – One statistic of note this week, with the Patriots coming off their bye, is the record of teams in that situation this year: 3-9.

One theory is that with too much rest, teams coming off the bye aren’t as sharp as they normally would be.

When looking closer at the results, one could challenge that line of thinking. The Cowboys, for example, were coming off their bye in a 20-16 loss at New England on Oct. 16. Their defense didn’t look rusty in breaking the Patriots’ streak of 30-point regular-season games.

This past Sunday, the Chargers were coming off a bye and they lost to the Jets, 27-21. Their disappointing final drive didn’t seem to have anything to do with a bye week. If anything, the bye would have given them more time to work on those types of situations.

In the end, it’s probably less about rest/bye and more about execution.

Here are the results of teams coming off the bye this year:

Week 5

Browns – 24-17 loss at Raiders

Cowboys – 20-16 loss at Patriots

Dolphins – 24-6 loss at Jets

Rams – 24-3 loss at Packers

Ravens – 29-14 win vs. Texans

Redskins – 20-13 loss vs. Eagles

Week 6

Broncos – 18-15 win at Dolphins

Cardinals – 32-20 loss vs. Steelers

Chargers – 27-21 loss at Jets

Chiefs – 28-0 win at Oakland

Seahawks – 6-3 loss at Browns

Titans – 41-7 loss vs. Texans