Focusing on right tackle rotation

PITTSBURGH -- Starting right tackle Sebastian Vollmer played for the first time since the second week of the season, and the Patriots rotated him into the mix with rookie Nate Solder.

The Patriots had nine series in the game, with the final series just one play.

Here is how the Patriots divided the playing time:

Solder: 1st series, 2nd series, 6th series

Vollmer: 3rd series*, 4th series*, 5th series, 7th series, 8th series*, 9th series

There were four plays in the game where both Solder and Vollmer were on the field together, with one of them playing the role of the third tight end.

In the end, it was about a 60 percent/40 percent split in Vollmer's favor. Vollmer, who has been sidelined with a back injury, had a tough game on the edge.

* Scoring drives