Looking for silver linings in loss

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Andre Carter's second consecutive two-sack effort was among the positives in Sunday's loss.Patriots safety Patrick Chung said he was "definitely encouraged" after Sunday's loss in PIttsburgh. We help him look for the silver linings:

When asked if he saw positives in film review on Monday, Patriots safety Patrick Chung found some bright spots.

"[I'm] definitely encouraged," Chung said. "We played a good game. [The Steelers] just played a better one. They had more big plays than we did. We played a good game, they played a better game, and they got the best of us."

Some will wonder if Chung is delusional. Was he truly encouraged by a defense that gave up 427 total yards, while allowing the Steelers to convert a whopping 10-of-16 third-down tries (63 percent).

Chung seemed to be focused on the fact that, amidst overwhelming struggles, the Patriots still found a way to give themselves a chance to win. Much like the team did in topping Dallas before its bye week.

The bottom line is winning and it doesn't always have to be pretty.

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[Your turn: While many are lamenting New England's play in Sunday's game, did you find any silver linings in their effort? Sound off in the comments.]