Patriots Hot Button: Super Bowl or bust?

Can this Patriots team, as constructed, hang another banner this season despite its flaws, particularly on defense? ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss and Chris Forsberg debated the issue in our Hot Button this week, and we also asked Tedy Bruschi to weigh in as well.

"I think they can. They still have great players on both sides of the ball," Bruschi says in the NFL Live video above. "But the truth of the matter is, if they don't improve defensively, they might not even win the division or make the playoffs. They're one of the league's worst defenses. That's not my opinion, that's a fact.

"Teams are able to drive the ball down the field on them, just like the Pittsburgh Steelers did last week. Unless there is improvement, this team is going to have a difficult time winning football games."

What do you think? Can this team overcome its defensive issues and go deep into the playoffs? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts HERE or in the comments section.