Albert Haynesworth eyes greater impact

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Albert Haynesworth’s impact on the Patriots’ defense hasn't been as great as expected.

The veteran defensive lineman has played in five of the team’s seven games, totaling 124 out of a possible 356 snaps in those contests (34.8 percent). He’s totaled six tackles, two quarterback hits and has drawn two holding penalties.

Wednesday offered an opportunity to check in with Haynesworth on his contributions to this point in the season.

“I want to do everything better. I’d like to rush the passer and get after the quarterback more. Instead of just getting the pressures, I want to get the sacks, of course,” he said. “Just be more predominant. I’ve done some things, but I still want to do more.”

There have been times when Haynesworth hasn’t shown up on the stat sheet, but still made his presence felt. Against the Cowboys, for example, he was blocked by three linemen on one of the key plays in the game, which gave Andre Carter a one-on-one matchup to sack Tony Romo and force a field goal in the red zone.

“There are things that there aren’t stats for, like pushing the pocket and making sure the quarterback can’t step up,” he said.

Asked about his back injury and how he feels, Haynesworth compared himself to every NFL player, his point that every player deals with injuries. He later added that he’s still knocking off rust from not playing much in the 2010 season.

As for his role, which has been as a backup in the base defense behind Kyle Love and a rusher in sub packages, Haynesworth is on board.

“I talk to Bill [Belichick] a lot on some things I can improve on, and things I’m doing well that I need to do more, so it’s normal,” he said.