Patriots ready to crank(y) it up

Matthew Emmons/US Presswire

Tom Brady under pressure vs. the Giants.Heading into Sunday's game against the New York Giants, Tom Brady and the Patriots are grumpy. But it's not about Super Bowl XLII:

Pressed on the 17-14 loss in the Arizona desert that spoiled New England's quest for a perfect season, running back Kevin Faulk suggested he has avoided even the briefest of highlights.

"I never watched the game; never seen the game," he said. "Let's just talk about us playing them on Sunday -- us trying to play better and win a football game. That's what we want to do right now as a football team."

If Faulk sounds a little grumpy, it's because he and the rest of the Patriots pretty much are. But it's got nothing to do with the Giants. One cringe-worthy film the Pats had no choice but to review this week was Sunday's debacle in Pittsburgh, and that's left all the players -- those here for the 2007 season and otherwise -- feeling pretty sour.

"We're all pretty much in a bad mood," admitted quarterback Tom Brady. "There is a mourning process that goes on with our team, our coaches, players. We hate losing. It's not something we'll ever get used to. It sucks. The whole week sucks, actually."

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