Midseason report: Grade the Patriots

With eight games down and eight to go, we pause briefly to reflect on the first half of the season for the Patriots. Click HERE to grade each Patriots player and check out Mike Reiss' midseason grades HERE.

ESPN.com's John Clayton graded each team in the AFC East at the halfway point as well. In the video above, he explains why he gives the Patriots a C.

"So much of it has to do with the roster decisions of Bill Belichick," Clayton says. "You look at that cornerback pool and there's really only two legitimate corners and both are struggling. Their inability to get a pass rush. They tried Albert Haynesworth and that didn't work. They tried Andre Carter. He's still on the team, but they're not stopping anybody.

"Their defense is terrible and you can now see problems on offense in the sense that when you match them up against man to man, Tom Brady can't find enough open receivers to consistently get the offense going. Right now the Patriots might still be the team in the division, but they get a C."

Clayton's other AFC East grades -- Bills:A-; Jets: B; Dolphins: F.

What's your midseason grade for the Patriots? Vote in the accompanying poll and share your thoughts in the comments section.