NBC soundbites on Pats-Jets

With the Patriots-Jets game to be aired on NBC, a sampling of thoughts from NBC analysts Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy on the matchup (courtesy of the network's media relations department):

Rodney Harrison (on the Patriots)

"It’s tough right now because you can only play with the personnel that you have. Your offense can’t score 30 points a game. You can’t expect them to, especially now that it’s starting to get cold and the ball gets affected by the wind and the temperatures and everything outside."

Tony Dungy (on Tom Brady)

"I think he’s pressing because he feels like he’s got to score a lot of points. I don’t know if he has the confidence in that defense the way he used to."

Rodney Harrison (responding to Dungy's remarks on Brady)

"He doesn't."

Tony Dungy (on the Jets)

"The Jets are catching fire at the right time. They have the type of team that could give these Patriots a lot of problems. They’re running the ball well, they’ve got some explosive receivers, and they can bring a lot of different pressure on that New England offensive line."

Rodney Harrison (on the Jets)

"The Jets defense is starting to play with a lot more confidence. You look across the board, they’re playing more man-to-man coverage, they’re disguising, they got outside linebackers dropping and covering, creating turnovers."