Faulk's story missed the cut

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Kevin Faulk vs. the Jets.

NBC's sideline reporter Michele Tafoya files a day-after-game notebook from her work on Patriots/Jets and one category is titled "Stories That Didn't Get Told." Tafoya writes on veteran running back Kevin Faulk, and details how he wasn't planning to play in 2011.

Faulk told me 2010 was supposed to be his last in the NFL. He told his family as much before last season kicked off.

But in game 2 at MetLife Stadium, Faulk tore his ACL, ending his 12th season.

His son said to him, “Dad, I know you’re not retiring after THAT.”

Faulk didn’t. He went through 13 months of rehab, which he told me was one of the hardest things he’s ever done.

Faulk's return to MetLife Stadium was a quiet one (he played just 9 snaps), and that probably contributed to why the story wasn't included in the broadcast.