Soundbites from Ross Ventrone

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- After Bill Belichick praised safety Ross Ventrone on Friday, Ventrone was a popular player among reporters in the locker room this morning.

Some soundbites from Ventrone, who was re-signed to the practice squad this week:

Being involved in 15 transactions since Aug. 10. "It is pretty unique. Week to week, I just look at it as hopefully I'm going to play. I don't look at it any differently if I would be here the whole time."

Being a part of the Patriots. "It's unbelievable, just being on a team with these guys, coached by these coaches and stuff. Being part of an organization like this, that they want me around enough to keep bringing me back, is a great honor.”

If he ever gets down about his up-and-down status. “I don’t get discouraged. I just keep working hard and everything. I know things work out the way they do sometimes, the numbers system [needing players at] different positions, and I just hope they do bring me back. They have so far. I’m just working every day to get better and better and help the team as best as I can.”

Realizing he could be claimed by another team. “Every time, I never know what’s going to happen. I just hope for the best and keep getting after it.”

If he's considered being claimed by another team. “I don’t really get into that much. It hasn’t happened. I’m here. This is where I’m at right now, so that’s really all I’m focused on right now. I’m just focused on the Chiefs right now.”

Getting ribbing from others on his on-again, off-again status. "I'm always getting text messages and stuff about it. I just ignore it. To me, I'm just glad I'm here, glad to be helping the team."