Video: Kraft visits with Gruden

Patriots owner Robert Kraft stopped by the "Monday Night Football" bus to chat with ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, and the pair talked about how the Patriots have been able to sustain success for as long as they have.

Kraft cited Bill Belichick's talent evaluation and the team assembling players who understand the Patriot Way and know what is expected of them on and off the field. He also said that to sustain success teams need steady ownership, a great coach, a great quarterback and be willing to keep their egos in check.

"Egos are what mess this business up," Kraft said.

Gruden couldn't help but bring up the infamous "tuck rule" game between his Raiders and the Patriots. Kraft admitted, "We all thought it was a fumble. Thank goodness we found out there was rule that made it not a fumble. I will forever be grateful to you for living by the rules."